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Thailand BITEC
Release time:2019/6/9 9:25:00   Form:YUEQING MEANRAY ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.   Hots:10854
MEANRAY Electric exhibited higher quality DC components such as photovoltaic Combiner box, DC switch, DC circuit breaker, DC SPD and DC fuse at this exhibition. And a set of customized photovoltaic system solutions. Among them, MSPV series DC Combiner box has aroused strong interest of local photovoltaic enterprises in Thailand. Customers'recognition of MEANRAY product quality also indicates that the Thailand photovoltaic market needs these higher and better DC protection components to solve the current common hidden dangers of some photovoltaic systems. Safety accidents have occurred in some projects, and the market is also phasing out these unreliable DC components, which have not played a protective role, or even brought security risks. 05-08th, June 2019. Booth Number: P17
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